Building "Bootiful" Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

The economics of the cloud and the demand created by new platforms (mobile, social) have led the giants of the web to the microservices architecture style. Microservices sit at the intersection of devops, web services, big-data and the cloud. They scale out, embrace - and are resilient to - failure, and promote using the best technology for the job.

They also introduce complexity of their own in the interactions.

In this workshop, we'll examine the practical approaches to building cloud-native applications (and microservices). We'll look at:
- Getting Started with Spring Boot
- 12-Factor Application-Style Configuration
- Service Discovery/Registration and Software-Defined Load-Balancing
- Bounded Contexts, NoSQL, and Data Integration
- Robust Service-to-Service Invocation with API Gateways, Circuit-Breakers, and Declarative REST clients
- Pushing our Cloud-Native Application to the Cloud

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