Java Everywhere Again—with DukeScript

For a long time, Java was perfect for creating cross-platform applications, but the advent of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices changed everything, resulting in a totally fragmented world. Catering to all these platform is troublesome and expensive. That’s why DukeScript was created: to make it easy to create cross-platform Java applications again. The goal of this hands-on lab is to create a cross-platform application from scratch that will run on iOS, Android, desktop, browser, and embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi. You’ll learn about the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture, which enables you to write and test business code totally independently of the view, and, finally, you’ll see it combined with a view to complete a working application.

Before conference, please follow the steps to prepare for the session:
- perform the Maven repository initialization by creating the archetype and building it as
described at DukeScript website
- also download NetBeans IDE (either latest beta or at least 8.0.2)
- Installing Android SDK rev. 19 or bringing own Mac Book with XCode installed can be also found beneficial

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