Refactoring meets big money

There is that day in life of every developer when he goes to boss and asks for permission to rewrite / refactor our application. It can be that inherited thing, maybe something we wrote on our own, however it's often the moment when we feel it can't go any further. We're frustrated and angry.
I've been there, did it couple of times, and I won't hide, failed couple of times. There are still systems out there, that counted on me, that I'll get some love for them from business and I've failed them!

Right now it's a perfect time to share some of that experience, especially all the successful techniques I've been able to identified, to rescues all the systems out there among with sanity of developers that work on them.
I'll share everything I've learned on how to convince business to refactor, what are the possible strategies and finally, most likely most importantly, what to do and how to live with that legacy crap if we fail. The world does not end and we don't have to change our job if we fail.

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