Yes We Scan! Software Analysis Using jQAssistant And Neo4j

Show me your code and I'll tell you whether it's good or not - static code analysis nowadays is an essential part of quality-oriented software development: packages, classes, methods or even fields are deeply inspected before putting them into production.
But what about the frameworks and libraries we use - do they fit our expectations? Do they throw exceptions which are not documented? Does a minor upgrade break an existing API? Are there grave structural weaknesses which might cause unexpected changes of their behavior in the future?
jQAssistant is an Open Source tool which allows scanning of arbitrary software structures - OSGi bundles, EAR files, database schemas or even whole Maven repositories - into a Neo4j graph database. The gathered data may be used for interactive explorations using easy-to-learn queries based on Cypher. The presentation demonstrates examples for such kind of analysis on the structures of popular frameworks and provides interesting insights about their hidden secrets.

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