Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker is a software architect for Luminis Technologies. His current focus is on building modular enterprise applications and the cloud. Paul believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Today, he is working on educational software focused on personalized learning for high school students in the Netherlands. Paul is an active contributor on open source projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE, and Bndtools, and is a member of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group. He is also co-author of the book "Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi" recently published by O'Reilly. He has experience as a trainer on Java-related technology and is a regular speaker at conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, and Jfokus. He was awarded the JavaOne 2012 Rock Star Speaker award.


In English Kubernetes - Beyond the basics

Kubernetes has answers to many questions related to clustering and the required low-level networking. When using Kubernetes for real live deployments we need more than those lower-level solutions however. We need things like automated deployments, load balancing for web applications, blue/green deployments and monitoring.

This is all possible with Kubernetes when we start to look at Kubernetes as an API. In this talk you will learn to embrace the Kuberentes API and some of the patterns, tools and mechanisms we developed and use around Kubernetes to prepare for production grade deployments. 


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