Tomek Borek

I got it from me parents. They coded and so do I.
I never was much into speaker bios. Where I work, what do I do, how many years I code Java or JavaScript… does it matter? I mean, yes, you can glimpse something about my affiliation or years of experience… but that matters not.
What matters instead is if I teach you something or waste entire 60 minutes of your life.
I solemnly swear to aim for the former and avoid the latter.

With all that said, if you believe what I just brushed aside and labelled insignificant is actually what may help you decide to go or not to go:
1) I’m a flawed human, and unafraid to say so. If I won’t know, I’ll say so. If I believe I’m right, I’ll say so either. :-)
2) I’m full of best intentions about all my talks (yeah, the way it’s going… we all know).
3) I’m working for Lumesse, on their flag-product, TalentLink Pro, a SAAS talent recruitment and management solution. I am part of Core Architecture team and have been coding since kid days. The bit about getting it from me old folks was no lie.
4) I code mainly in Java now.
5) I wrote no books and have not open-sourced any great project that can speak on my behalf.
6) I have spoken at conferences: SFI, 4Developers, Confitura, JDD, GeeCON (just a panel though), GigaCon and at lesser events, like JUG meetings, FooBarCamp and OpenSpaces (unconferences) or Noc Informatyka.
7) I like code and architectural kata and code retreats / dojos and have organized / helped organize some.
8) I am one of leaders for three groups: Lambda Lounge Kraków, Polish JUG and Software Craftsmanship Kraków.


In Polish Scala intro 4 complete newbies

Warsztaty wprowadzające do Scali.


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