David Genn

David is a technical lead at IG Group, a global leader in online retail financial trading.

He leads the team responsible for the API that serves web and mobile clients, and the public API. Their current focus is on migrating to a micro-services architecture that enables continuous delivery of functionality to production.


In English Migrating to continuous delivery in the world of financial trading


IG Group is a global leader in online retail trading. It has over 120,000 active users around the world, and serves over 4.5 million trades per month. IG has had an online presence since the early 2000s and has grown sizeable IT real estate to support its many users and activities. Like many large companies, IG has depended on monthly big bang release cycles with long regression periods to guarantee the quality and reliability of its software.

In 2013 IG started to move towards a continuous delivery model. This allowed us to break away from an ever-increasing monthly software release, and to enable higher quality and stability by releasing small change sets into production more frequently.

In the world of financial trading, uptime and reliability are carefully monitored by financial regulators around the globe. In this talk, we look at the approaches and techniques IG have used to move to a continuous delivery model. Their API layer serves upwards of 40k requests per minute and is connected to numerous web, mobile, and public API clients. We will explore the technical and organisational challenges faced along the way, as well as some of the unexpected benefits.


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