Dierk König

Dierk König (JavaOne Rock Star) works as a fellow for Canoo Engineering AG, Basel, Switzerland.
He is a committer to many open-source projects including OpenDolphin, Frege, Groovy, Grails, GPars, and GroovyFX.
He is lead author of the "Groovy in Action" book, which is among the publisher's best-selling titles of the decade.
Twitter: @mittie.


In English Frege - how to program with pure functions

Frege is a Haskell for the JVM. It is so pure that it does not even have assignments in the language! What sounds silly at first is actually extremely beneficial for code to stay correct under composition, refactoring, and parallel execution. This tutorial touches on the various benefits of this approach but mainly focusses on the practical side of development: how to program with the help of purity and how to make it accessible to Java projects.
Be prepared to see a lot of live coding.

In English Frege - Introducing purely functional programming on the JVM

Frege is a Haskell for the JVM. In Frege you program with pure functions, immutable values,
and isolated effects only. This talk gives you a first impression of what this paradigm means to the programmer and how it makes your code robust under composition, allows refactoring without fear, and becomes safe for parallel execution.
This introduction leads you through the benefits that make Frege unique between the JVM languages. It is followed up by the Frege tutorial that provides more detail and examples.


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