Jakub Kubryński

Jakub is a software developer for whom coding is a way of life as well as a hobby. Focused on slimming enterprise class systems, strongly interested in new technologies and continuously improving the software delivery process. His great passion are lightweight applications, in which the ratio of provided functionality to the code is as smallest as possible. Co-founder of the DevSKiller.com platform, which provides online technical skills assessment. Confitura conference organizer. 


In English -XX:+UseG1GC

Since JDK 9 G1 will be default GC algorithm. Meanwhile, the level of its usage or just knowledge of the principles is much lower when compared to the number of myths and urban legends. We should know, that G1 introduces revolutionizing approach to memory management in the JVM by changing both the current structure of the heap and way of running major and minor collections. But unfortunately there are still some "childhood diseases" we should be aware of.
During the presentation, I will describe the algorithm, its characteristics and the real possibility of usage on a daily basis. We'll also discus some tricks allowing for stress-free deployment and optimization.


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