Jacek Kunicki

Jacek Kunicki is a full stack software engineer and one of the numeorus CEOs at SoftwareMill - a great remote workplace with no bosses. He contributes to some open source projects (Spring Boot, swagger2raml, Codebrag) and, apart from programming, plays a lot with hardware (Arduino and others). Jacek hates boilerplate and loves automation of everything, so that he has less to do.


In English Reactive database mapping with Scala and Slick

Let's get out of the JPA comfort zone and meet a completely different approach to mapping database tables to domain objects using Scala's Slick library.

Slick does what some call OFM, i.e. Object-Functional Mapping (as opposed to ORM), which basically lets you access your relational database as if it was a Scala collection.

And since reactive is THE way to go nowadays, we' re going to be no different.


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