Piotr Leszczyński

I am an, addicted to public speaking, Agile/Lean enthusiast and practitioner. As a leader my main concern is to build trust, respect and accountability within teams. I am always urged to experiment and learn. I deeply believe that jelled, empowered, autonomous and learning teams define a successful company. I am passionate about what I do. In my personal life I am a happy husband and father of two children. This experience gives me even more opportunities to challenge my self-confidence in empathy, communication, listening, understanding, assertiveness and much much more. This is the place where I learn the most as children urge to learn, experiment and adapt is mind-blowing.


In English Improving through Feedback

In the world of process improvements, building learning teams/organizations, constantly changing the way we are doing things and experimenting on many different fields we need information. We need it to be delivered fast; we need it to be precise; we need it in order to excel. We need feedback. And we need it on many different levels.

When delivering increments of our product, call them MVP's if you wish, we need to know quickly if customers are happy with what we delivered. When building software and running automated tests we expect test results to be delivered in seconds. When one of our business critical components fails we want to see it on a big screen in the office in a blink of an eye.

During this session I would like to cover following topics:
Visual Information Radiators - designing them in a way that they really serve a thousand words.
Experiments - helping describe them, so they can be easily evaluated and reinforce day to day work
Data presentation - gathering and presenting data about different initiatives run at team, department and company level.
Non Violent Communication - language, thinking, communication, means of influence that support us in connecting with ourselves ant others in a way that supports compassionate giving
Personal/Team Feedback - a tool to boost mutual trust and help people grow.


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