Łukasz Libront

Software Engineer/Architect of open languages and technologies. Working in the PSD department (Presales and Delivery) in Sii, where in addition to the programming and leading the team, participating in: preparations of bids, designing architectural solutions and brings a lot of interesting ideas.
He is not afraid to challenge long-standing rules in IT. He loves new technology and gadgets. His master thesis research was in the field of location in social networks (Twitter).


In English Someday I will find You!

How using publicly available information find out:
·         where someone is
·         how they feel
·         where are they planning another trip before they even think about it
I would like to inspire you to experiment with the geolocation.
What will be your takeaway?
·         How seemingly insignificant information can tell us secrets
·         Conscious/unconscious use of geolocation
·         Head full of ideas to use geolocation in your projects
·         How to do it with Java – DO IT YOURSELF!


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