Piotr Limanowski

Piotr Limanowski is a fullstack dev based in Gdansk, developing web projects since early 2000s in variety of languages (Java, Scala, Ruby, Javascript and Elixir). Focused on delivering business impacts and constatly working on simplyfing things. He can work both on front and backend technologies. He is a λ and ω, vim-believer, sneakerfreak, denimgeek, tech junkie & future hoverboard owner.


In English Forgetting Java: Why Java Should Die in Flames and Take its Developers Along

Java is old. Java is verbose. Java is ugly. Java is mocked and ridiculed but everyone and their dog. Hell, Java is dead. Well it's not but I'm preaching to the choir. Or am I? However convenient to say so, it's not exclusively Oracle to blame for Java's current state of the art. Java developers are guilty of laziness (the wrong kind), not questioning the tools they use (wrong again), following patterns (pretty much the right kind) they believe are blessed upon them yadda yadda yadda. Yet the communities around languages we find to be even lesser than Java offer world of a difference. The talk shows the tools, experiences and mindset we lack in the Java world. The virtues present elsewhere but needed here for Java to wipe the "enterprise-grade" solutions off the face of the world. Let's do this people. Let's do the right thing and get rid of the "enterprise" Java developers.


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