Álvaro Sanchez-Mariscal

Álvaro is a passionate software architect and agile enthusiast with over 14 years of experience. He started his career in 2001 coding in Perl and Java, but then quickly focused on Java EE, working for companies like IBM BCS, BEA Systems or Sun Microsystems.

He created his own company in 2005, Salenda, and since 2007 he specialised on Groovy/Grails, introducing them in Spain by founding Escuela de Groovy, the very first Grails company in Spain. After working at Odobo (a Gibraltar-based startup with an "App Store"​-like marketplace for HTML5 gambling games), now he works as Application Architect at 4finance IT, where he contributes his knowledge towards the creation of a microservice architecture with products like consumer loan systems, lending platforms, payment systems and anti-fraud and risk assessment.

He is a speaker at conferences like GeeCON, JavaLand, JavaZone and Codemotion (http://lanyrd.com/profile/alvaro_sanchez/). He also has wrote several Grails plugins, including Spring Security REST, which provides stateless, RESTful, token based authentication for Grails using OAuth 2 and JWT (http://github.com/alvarosanchez).


In English Efficient HTTP applications on the JVM with Ratpack

"Ratpack is a set of libraries for writing fast, efficient, evolvable and well tested HTTP applications written in Java 8 or any alternative JVM language that plays well with Java, such as Groovy.

The session will start with an introduction about Ratpack, and what makes it different from other popular frameworks like Grails or Vert.x, to name a few. Then, it will cover the fundamentals of the async programming model used in Ratpack applications, as well as other core concepts like handlers and the registry. Also, some of of the core modules (""plug-ins"") will be described. Finally, it will cover how to test Ratpack applications using Groovy and Spock."


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