Arkadiusz Sokołowski

Java and Scala developer. Professionally involved in programming for more than 15 years.
Currently working at Ocado Technology.
Fan of functional programming, good books, continuous delivery, and mountains.
Belives, that writing a software is not the most difficult part of whole so-called software development.
Likes to find patterns, common rules, and common denominators, both in software and life.


In English Taste of new in Java 9

Do you know what are jshell, jmh and jigsaw? How can they help you and your team?
To give you the taste of Java 9, I will present the most interesting of its features in action.

I will present jshell (Java 9 REPL environment), jmh (micro-benchmarking for JVM), and jigsaw (Java 9 module) examples.

If you are interested in the future of core Java platform, this session is for you!


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