Jaroslav Tulach

Jaroslav Tulach is the founder and initial architect of NetBeans, which is not just a well known IDE, but also the first modular desktop application framework written in Java. Jaroslav has seen, made and helped to recover from many API design mistakes. Such experience obligated Jaroslav to sit down and write "Practical API Design" book. These days Jaroslav is helping OracleLabs to design API of Truffle which (together with Graal) is the fastest (Java) virtual machine on the planet.


In English Java Everywhere Again—with DukeScript

For a long time, Java was perfect for creating cross-platform applications, but the advent of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices changed everything, resulting in a totally fragmented world. Catering to all these platform is troublesome and expensive. That’s why DukeScript was created: to make it easy to create cross-platform Java applications again. The goal of this hands-on lab is to create a cross-platform application from scratch that will run on iOS, Android, desktop, browser, and embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi. You’ll learn about the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture, which enables you to write and test business code totally independently of the view, and, finally, you’ll see it combined with a view to complete a working application.

Before conference, please follow the steps to prepare for the session:
- perform the Maven repository initialization by creating the archetype and building it as
described at DukeScript website
- also download NetBeans IDE (either latest beta or at least 8.0.2)
- Installing Android SDK rev. 19 or bringing own Mac Book with XCode installed can be also found beneficial

In English Towards the Fastest (J)VM on the Planet!

When designing new language, one usually starts with an AST interpreter. When the language is ready for use, users find out it is great, but slow. So one starts to design a bytecode to speed things up. That may help a bit, but usually the result is clear: still the execution is slow. Truffle project offers you a different perspective: write your AST interpreter using Truffle nodes API and we make it fast! In addition to that we also give you tooling for free! As a proof we'll demonstrate that our implementation of Ruby is ten times faster than any other one, including indy based JRuby. Stop by for a short introduction how to be create the fastest execution environment for any language!


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